View Full Version : Low scores on switcharoo? gf2 to gf4

07-16-04, 01:22 PM
Ohh boy.
I have a xfx gforce4 4200 ti 128
Im using the starstom 56.72 drivers
I only get 9064 pts in 3dmark 2001 overclocked 295/509
humm. I had a gf2 mx in the computer beforhand and I was told I could just put this card in with out a driver change.
Im dloading the originals now and will try to reinstall them.
the system is ..
amd 2400+ 266fsb
512 2100 ram
msi km2m combo-L
win xp all updates+sp1
on3dmak2000 I get10321

07-16-04, 02:25 PM
Use the 44.03 drivers for the best GF4 performance, versions later than that are all about bug fixes regarding GF4s, meaning it will lower performance in most games while fixing game issues.