View Full Version : HP CD-writer big prob

07-16-04, 03:23 PM
This has been happening for a while, i tried calling HP support but apparently its been over a year and they wont help me, so i figured i would ask you all...
anyways, i have an HP cd writer, it came in my HP pavilion PC, my pc is indicated in my signature just click on the link.. the cd writer full name is: HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8400B
well, sometimes i will go to open the drive up, and it will be totally locked up. The green light consistantly flashes on then off. it starts flashing the very second i turn my computer on, almost like it locks up before the bios loads. everything claims that the drive is empty.... even when i have a cd in it! it really makes me mad when it locks up and a cd is in it, since i cant get it out.
i have found one fix for this but it seems to be temporary.... i shut down my computer, unplug it, and remove the IDE cable but leave it with power. i turn my comp back on and press the button to open the drive. i insert any random cd or remove the one in there and turn my computer back off. i replug the cable and start windows up normally and it works. i have no clue what the problem is... it seems like its trying to read something that isnt there, since it works when no data is getting to it, but i dunno. thats why im asking you all, hoping that you have an answer to this very annoying problem. if there is no answer i guess ill go for hp support forums or just get a new drive when i have the money...

and ahead of time so i wont forget, thanks for your time everyone