View Full Version : My GT OC stuffs up during Far Cry

Vagrant Zero
07-16-04, 05:30 PM
I've got mt GT oced to 425/1100, and it runs just fine at that in everything else besides Far Cry which gets nasty artifacts and reboots. Any idea what's happening?

07-16-04, 05:45 PM
Farcry is jacked on NV40 right now. You can trying running the FP16 ATI R300 path, it works fine. 1.2 should end this fiasco.

07-16-04, 05:53 PM
It could just be that you're overclocking too far though. Each system seems to have a particular game it won't run well when the card is overclocked too far. Mine happens to be NBA Live 2004 (and for a non-game, the nature test in 3DMark03). Everything else will run fine but when overclocking too far I'll have trouble with those two. Does it go away if you lower the settings?

07-16-04, 07:33 PM
Is anyone else having trouble getting Far Cry to load at 1600x1200 when AA is enabled?

07-16-04, 07:46 PM
No, it loads and runs fine at 16x12 with AA enabled for me. I'm currently using the 61.76s but it has worked with the other drivers as well.