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07-17-04, 01:05 PM
i thought i had posted this before, but according to the search feature i didn't. wanted to know what game popped your "gaming cherry" so to speak. what was the first game that you suddenly looked at the clock and said "holy s*** it's 4 am!"? there can be 2 answers to this actually for many people, one for single player games and another for multiplayer.

(btw, this wasn't a kamel original, someone else said it in the irc channel i forgot who)

actually my first would be gran turismo for the original playstation. sure i played tons of games before that, but this was the only one that i didn't cheat on, i got highly involved. i still remember being in school and looking at my book and seeing a car, then imagining how well it would do in gran turismo... fantasizing about getting a level 3 turbo charger and the works, see how much horse power i could squeeze out of it. i had dreams about the game and everything.... and i beat it, 100% with tons of money for upgrades, lol. gran turismo lead to resident evil 2 -- this game was possibly the first that made me stay up until we hours of the night, heh. (i liked gran turismo, but it didn't keep me awake usually)

my first online game was rogue spear. wow, i'll never forget watching someone play that game when i first became interested. i basically watched his fingers the whole time. i thought it was simply genius that you would use wsad instead of up down left and right (i'd only played games like doom original before that, heh). i seriously remember saying "oh ****, the sun is coming up, i gotta go to bed guys." lol... yea, those were the days.

as a sortof mixup here, my arcade gaming cherry was popped by sanfransisco rush 2049... i watched other people play it and was absolutely amazed. i kept wanting to know how to play the game... do the little shortcuts they knew. i started playing it on the beginner level and was OK at it. it had a free car that if you beat you'd get a free game, so my ultimate goal was to beat the free car. i loved it, i could play for hours on 50 cents, lol. eventually i got so good that i pwned all of the top scores etc. i even registered my scores online... the whole account thing in that game where you gained new cars and better stuff for the miles you had etc was simply genius. i love that game, and will probably love it all of my life, heh.

07-17-04, 01:41 PM
First game that got me in trouble with the wife would have been Rogue Spear, now its RavenShield :)

07-17-04, 01:51 PM
Wizardry (1). I used to play that at a friend's house even after he went to bed. He must have hated my obsession, but he was weak and never kicked me out.

07-17-04, 02:19 PM
the first GAME to do that to me was The Legend of Zelda for NES... and through the whole time of me having an NES (I kept mine through the 16 bit days...) that was the only game to do that to me. Even though Rad Racer and TMNT: the manhatten project had me addicted persay, it was nothing like my lust for zelda back in the winter/early spring of 1988...

Now, when I got my PC (I skipped the SNES), I discovered Commander Keen, and was sort of addicted... Got the keen dreams and Goodbye Galaxy stuff, the first Duke Nukem, and that was all fine and good.... even got Wolf3d and liked it...

BUT what really got me was the following:

(mind you, this was 1992-1994, and I used a 286-12, running Win3.1 in standard mode)

The FIRST Indycar racing game... it was 3d, ran great, had damage and physics, but an annoying intro... Car customization was easy and fun.... the game was just addicting as crack... and I think when I got it, it was already old... but it was still great.

Scorched Earth ... If you don't know this game, look it up. It's still great. I used to sit up all night setting up custom botmatches and having a nuclear blast :p...

Konami NFL Football ... this game was just completely kickass!! Created my own teams and players with custom attributes, played years woth of seasons, created a stat tracking system which I kept written (yes, by hand).... and just has a great time...

My 486 era, uh, I didn't really get addicted to anything. Doom seemed like a natural and expected progression from Wolf3d... Rise of the Triad just wasn't quite good enough to keep my attention (though it was a good game which deserves a re-do ;) ), and jazz Jackrabbit just didn't excite me the way other groundbreaking platform games did.

So I stagnated with games, and decided to switch my attention to my truck... :p

But when I got to college, they had JUST installed a huge LAN with all new dell dimension XPS P133's with 16mb ram I think, and Win95... and someone smart put Netscape 3.0 on most of the rigs, as IE 2.X was teh suxx0rz...

and (this was fall/winter 1996, early 1997) what else was on all themachines?


My first introduction to multiplayer. Hooked? Yes, but again, seemed like natural evolution from Wolf3d...

I quit college in feb. 97, and honestly didn't PC game until 2000, and only did so sparingly, playing Quake2 on a K6-2 500/128mb RAM, onboard SiS 8mb gfx, yukz...

Then I got a Duron 600/socketA rig, and well, from then on, well, you guys know what's been around since mid-2k1... :p

Present addictions are for another thread. :p

07-17-04, 03:11 PM
Rogue....... anybody remember that one? That was the first for me. Then it was Heretic/Hexen.

07-17-04, 03:13 PM
I still remember the feeling I got when I ran quake2 in 3DFX Opengl for the first time... I was ****ing floored. It was this weird tingly feeling... like when you get your first BJ... :condom:

07-17-04, 03:18 PM
It wasn't untill I got into mmorpgs ( eq, ac, ao, daoc ) that I really found myself looking at the clock and saying " oh what the... I've been up for two days playing this game without sleep "

.. but it was Counter Strike that got me into gaming for long periods of time

-- jolt

07-17-04, 03:23 PM
1 word .. "Wolf3D" :D

that game changed my whole life .

07-17-04, 03:53 PM
Hmm... there were many for me, I was gaming on our Atari 2600 when I was like 3 :p

Oh god! I know what my first one was!

Double Dragon for the SEGA Master System! That was my brother's console, and I loved that thing. Shinobi, Outrun, Alien Syndrome, Pro Wrestling, Rastan and a few others were GREAT. Im pretty sure we had the Sega before I got my NES.

God it was so long ago, i cant really remember which NES games i was addicted to. I remember most NES games being extremely tedious so I remember which ones I WASNT hooked on. Ahh yes, I remember the good ones now, GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2?.. it was the arcade style beatem up one), Solar Jet Man, Faxanadu, Excitebike, River City Ransom, Star Wars, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back... im looking at my pile of ROMS btw... no way id be able to remember all these :p

I wont even get into SNES... thatd take too long... though Shadowrun and Breath of Fire were two SNES games I played for HOURS.

And genesis... Phantasy Star 4 was the most addicting RPG ive ever played...

And computer... hmm.. Command & Conquer Red Alert was the first one I was really addicted to. Quake, Quake 2, Blade Runner, Carmageddon (1&2)... the list could go on for about 10 pages, so i will stop now :D

07-17-04, 04:03 PM
super mario bro's bitches, and starfox for snes, and of course doom for pc

07-17-04, 05:15 PM
for a single player game it would have to be gran turismo, i had my own little corner of the game room set up with my steering wheel...id be sitting there for hours on end

multiplayer would have to be mechwarrior 3 i always loved the series and finally 3 had the kb/mouse controls that i loved...and thus was one of the best pilots in a madcat d :D

07-17-04, 07:01 PM
I still remember the feeling I got when I ran quake2 in 3DFX Opengl for the first time... I was ****ing floored. It was this weird tingly feeling... like when you get your first BJ... :condom:

did it have the same results? lmao

07-17-04, 07:02 PM
Hm, defiantly Quake II Loki's Beta CTF for me.

Played it right when it came out, got the skins, and wow amazing! Then that lead me on to getting a VoodooII and i coudlnt stop playing it!

07-17-04, 07:18 PM
damn when quake 2 came out.. i was still using a Pentium 75 MHz with a completely useless video card. i had to play it at my friend house. we would stay up all night playing Q2 CTF :P

next big all nighter: doom 3 :drooling:

07-17-04, 07:55 PM
The Wheel Of Time :)

I played and still play that game more than anything elce!

07-17-04, 08:35 PM
did it have the same results? lmao

I would have to say yes. After my experience with quake2, I took the voodoo2 to the backseat of my car, and showed it some... glide :nanahump:

07-17-04, 09:15 PM
For me, it was a BBS game called Legend of the Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.).


07-17-04, 09:25 PM
Hmm, I was born in '89 so I first got hooked on Super Mario Bros. on SNES. And being from a Catholic family, of course my eyes were shielded from games such as DOOM and Wolf3D. But, now, I'm 15, and I must say, me and FPS go together like OJ and a knife.

07-17-04, 09:26 PM
I would have to say yes. After my experience with quake2, I took the voodoo2 to the backseat of my car, and showed it some... glide :nanahump:

So ya gave it the ol' hard drive did ya? :nanahump:

07-18-04, 07:48 AM
ghosts 'n' goblins on my c-64

damn that took a long time to load off tape.

07-18-04, 08:44 AM
StarFlight, from EA/Binary Systems and it was played on my first pc: 8088/10Mhz. :)

I also thought commander keen was pretty awesome.

07-18-04, 09:41 AM
I played for years in the arcades and Asteroids got most of money but DEFENDER had to be one of the best that I can remember.

But as far as playing at home DOOM was the game that really set it off. Playing through level after after level and talking with friends on what secrets they found and how they beat some monster or level. then DOOM ll with head to head play was just the Sh_t! Hours every night linking with a freind head to head over the modem nothing has ever been as much fun or better than those death matches for me.

07-18-04, 09:56 AM
*cough* we have a game forum *cough*

07-18-04, 10:40 AM
I have to say two single player games share this award, Super Mario World and The Legend Of Zelda on the Super Nintendo some ten years ago. They had me hooked and they were the only times I can say I literally went hungry and sleepless playing games. I remember playing Mario World for about 24 hours straight from 6 in the morning on Christmas day with my brother with brief breaks and little naps in between to about 2 in the moring the next day. Getting Super Mario World and a Super Nintendo was one of the best days of my life. I would give anything for those gold ole days again. :)

For multiplayer this award goes to Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, it started it all for me. Up until then a pc was just about porn and solitaire. I have never looked back since. :)

07-18-04, 11:59 AM
*cough* we have a game forum *cough*

We do :confused: