View Full Version : need serious help with FX5900

07-17-04, 01:31 PM
asus a7v8x-x motherboard
amd 2500 barton
512mb pc2700
newest nvidia drivers
dx 9b

previously had a ti4200 and with farcry set at medium 1024x768 it stayed pretty much rock steady at 22 fps.

switched to fx5900xt (128mb)...........now farcry, still with same medium settings and 1024x768..............hovers anywhere from 15-25 fps..........the only time it goes over that is when im staring straight at a plain wall, i might hit 40fps.

this is seriously pathetic..........theres no way it should be this bad.

07-17-04, 01:51 PM
u might want to check some things in the nvidia control panel (if you havent already done this) like vsync (off), aa, af refresh rate etc. also your best bet when installing a new gfx card is to format, it just seems to be the best bet when installing a new card. updating mobo chipset helps too, i always seem to forget that part when formatting, and im like wtf crappy frames! then im like - oh yea, chipset! and it really helps. anyways good luck, hope u get it figured out.

07-17-04, 03:26 PM
Here's some food for thought. The Ti 4200 is a DX 8.0 card. It isn't capable of the advanced pixes and shader capabilities of an FX 5900. These DX 9.0 features require a lot of horsepower to run, so it's not surprising that the 5900 struggles a little more than the Ti 4200. Remember, the 5900 is using DX 9.0 features which the Ti 4200 is unable to use.

07-17-04, 08:05 PM
he should do way better than he is ! i run at 1024x768x32 highest settings with 2x AA and 4x AF. i get good fps. with the fort demo bench i average 47 fps. so somethin aint right with his 5900.

07-17-04, 10:18 PM
regardless of the few extra features, the card should still be running faster than the ti4200, especially with all the graphics settings the same.

also, some colors come out wrong when i try changing the resolution in the game..........greens become too dark, and some colors turn yellow and red......wtf..........driver issue? i have the most updated drivers.

is it possible i got a bad card? ........i hate to have to pay the return shipping for exchange.

The Punisher
07-18-04, 12:02 AM
The problem is that nVidia drivers for Win98 are "NOT FULLY" compatible with most newer DX9 games. Wanna see a difference? Run ur 5900XT with WinXP SP1 & not Win98. Win98 totally isn't optimized for running newer processors like an AMD 2500 Barton in the first place. Its like driving a Ferrari with only half its spark plugs firing.