View Full Version : 16 bit Z-buffer with 32 bit colour

07-17-04, 05:34 PM
After all this time, it appears that the issue with OpenGL that chooses a 16 bit z-buffer by default when selecting 32 bit colour, is still present. See this page from Tom's to get an idea of what I mean...


This is fine for games where I can manually change the setting, but for some games these options are either not available or not documented. I'm playing MDK2 at the moment (great fun I reckon, even after all this time) and it is severely affected by low z-buffer precision.

Anyone know of any work-around?

07-19-04, 06:56 PM
Dont think theres a workaround, its a windows problem not a driver problem.

Well really its an app problem. The problem exists because alot of apps request a 32bit depth. If you look at setting up an opengl pfd in MSDN it has 32bit depth as an example. Except 32bit depth isn't avaialble on most cards these days, so windows picks 16bit as default.. The app should really check what its getting, and try the next lower set down, i.e. 24bit and test that. But they dont.

I'm sure there might be a force 24bit depth in some rivatuner or nvhardpage nvmax type graphics tweak program.