View Full Version : i REALLY need a 6800 Ultra Bios!

Golden Sample
07-17-04, 08:16 PM

To make it short: I have a Gainward 6800 GS Ultra, but the bios is F**** up!

You can read in the "GW Problem Thread", whats wrong.

Point is: I flashed the newer Leadtek Ultra Bios, and everything is fine! so far..

BUT the Leadtek card has an other cooling solution, and so aftre the flash the cooler on my GW only goes in "2D Mode" and never spins up like before.
--> So i think the card get`s warmer (only some degrees).

Now i need a perfectly working bios, from a PNY 6800 Ultra or BFG, or what else.

So PLEASE if anybody has a link, or if anybody wants to help me out...

I really would apreciate it!

Thanks in advance


07-17-04, 08:20 PM
I can email you the 6800 Ultra bios version It seems to be generic nvidia. It's dated mid June, so I'm sure there's a newer version out by now.

Golden Sample
07-17-04, 08:40 PM

Thanks, but yeah, the Bios i use now is, so is newer for sure.

But thanks annyway for the help you offered! :)

Any PNY Users here?


07-17-04, 08:52 PM
check www.mvktech.net the site is kinda slow for me right now but it does have a TON of bios's

07-17-04, 11:30 PM
Theres ONE 6800 ultra bios listed there. Found an Nvidia bios dated 5 june version:

07-17-04, 11:46 PM
I think thats the BIOS I sent to him! W00t!