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07-18-04, 07:11 PM
Will the drivers be released this week, and if your feeling lucky, try and predict the day.

Im guessing they wont be.

Anyone else ?

07-18-04, 07:14 PM
Well no clue about real official drivers , but id guess by end of week we should get another leak , guessing by how many we got recently :inform:

07-18-04, 07:21 PM
Official release? nope.

I really think that it will be the following week.

07-18-04, 07:23 PM
Well nVidia has said a few times that new drivers will be out this week. I'm gonna place my bets on tommorrow (maybe Teusday) for official forceware drivers and 6800U demos.

07-18-04, 07:28 PM

07-18-04, 08:11 PM
Monday morning @ 08:47 CST.

07-18-04, 08:23 PM
wednesday, July 21st at 8:00 am... in 2006 :)

07-18-04, 09:17 PM
Thursday @ half past the monkey's arse and a quarter to his balls.

07-18-04, 10:04 PM
fingers crossed! =)

07-18-04, 10:59 PM
monday would be nice :)

07-18-04, 11:05 PM
Even better, which will come first, FarCry 1.2 or Nvidia official drivers?

FarCry 1.2 final RC went out for testing last Wednesday, Nvidia web release candidate drivers went out for testing last Friday... :)

07-18-04, 11:12 PM
well if crytek isnt assaulted by police for the third time, we might get something done :)

07-18-04, 11:13 PM
I say this tues or wed official drivers will be released....I really hope the 1.2 far cry patch comes out (early) this week too. But I remain a skeptic on it.

07-18-04, 11:23 PM
The real question is, will the new drivers come with SM3 enabled by default.

07-19-04, 12:17 AM
Call me a skeptic, but I'm having doubts if the EDID fix will make it into the new official driver set. All the new beta releases never included it :(

07-19-04, 01:24 AM
I'm pretty sure the officials will have SM3 enabled.. I mean the farcry patch is coming soon, so what are we supposed to do? Run 2.0 mode? Doubt it.

07-19-04, 10:11 AM
hey jakup, I was just wondering if you happened to know when doom 3 will be released? :D

07-19-04, 10:15 AM
I read on a forum somewhere that it will be released in 6 weeks :D

07-19-04, 10:31 AM

Your alright jakup =)

any word yet on nvidia drivers today? Or at least...fc 1.2 patch?

07-19-04, 12:27 PM
Still showing the 56.72's as of 12:28 CST.

07-19-04, 02:38 PM
Still showing the 56.72's as of 12:28 CST.

Of course it does.
I've given up already. I used to check the driver page at least 30 times a day though. :bleh:

07-19-04, 02:44 PM
Hey guys new nforce drivers.... www.nvidia.com

07-19-04, 03:53 PM
Negative, same 4.24 still. (welcome)

07-19-04, 08:32 PM
I don't expect Nvidia to get off their dead asses in getting out official drivers any time soon. Why because there waiting for everyone else to get their stuff out being DX9c and FarCry 1.2 because Nvidia is riding on these 2 subjects to give them a boost. BS: It don't work that way in this busness relying on others to make your product #1.

I invested good money on a new FX 6800 Ultra hoping on something knew and breathtaking but from my gaming and issues as of late im ready to get refund and get an ATI, at least they have official drivers to support their knew product unlike Nvidia who is waiting on M$ and Crytek to make them good again.

What a Joke

07-19-04, 08:38 PM
What big problems are you having corn that are so bad it would make you switch cards?