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07-18-04, 08:22 PM
Like the title says, is there a program in which i can adjust my monitor width and height through software?
Im asking because my desktop is set at 1280x960, when i play a game at 1280x1024 i have to resize the screen to fit the monitor. When i go back to desktop the monitor stay at the settings from the 1280x1024 resolution and have to re adjust the screen again. I could set this with my old ATI card through the driver and it would remember the settings i used which i set in the driver for 1280x1024 and if i went back to 1280x960 it would take the settings of the monitor again, but Nvidia doesnt have this monitor adjustment setting. So is there another program which i can use to do this?
BTW this only happens with those 2 resolutions, the rest works fine.
Thank u. (popcorn)

07-21-04, 07:30 AM

07-21-04, 08:57 AM
Why not run your monitor at 1280x1024? or 1024 x 768?
Im sure that would solve ur problem

07-23-04, 08:25 PM
1280x1024 is a nasty resolution; it's not 4:3. I don't see why it's so popular. 1280x960 is 4:3.

07-23-04, 09:10 PM
most monitors over 19" are do not have a 4:3 aspect ratio, it varies from like 4:3.5 (which makes 1280x1024 look better) to 4.5:3 which looks wider and is used mostly in 20" and bigger monitors.