View Full Version : Do you think official release drivers will be out before Doom3?

07-18-04, 10:57 PM
What do you think? I can't believe they'd let this game come out without an official release of new drivers, and count on everyone to use betas.

07-18-04, 10:59 PM
I think they will be out this week, mon or tues.

07-18-04, 10:59 PM
They've got 2 weeks until official launch date of D3 so yeah they'll have official drivers out by then since its one of the games coming that Nvidia is really banking on to sell cards.

07-18-04, 11:10 PM
I think they will be out this week, mon or tues.

^^^ what he said.

07-18-04, 11:14 PM
Yup.. I'm thinking tommorrow or next for drivers also

07-18-04, 11:33 PM
I think they will be out this week, mon or tues.
How do you know this stuff?

Do you work for Nvidia?

07-19-04, 03:00 AM
How do you know this stuff?

Do you work for Nvidia?

There is evidence that he works for nVidia. For instance, nVidia and ATI keep saying, "Next week is when the cards will arrive," to the retailers who then pass that lie onto us, the consumer. "Next week," they tell us, "Your GF6800Ultra (or X800XT PE) will show up. Just one more week." So by ruined saying, "Just a few more days," he can then extend it. Of course, people who don't follow his posts may not see the trend.

Just a few more days. Just a few more... Over and over until the drivers actually do release.

Of course, its possible he DOESN'T work for nVidia. In which case, he can keep guessing they'll be out in a few days and when they finally show up, then (and only THEN) was he right, but he'll be like, "See, guys. I told you." Of course, having told us many times and being wrong, the final time when he was right means little. This is what used to be the Hellbinder Method.

If you say something and then change what you said enough times vaguely enough, then you'll be right eventually.

Its also possible he's on the inside track for such things, but if he were 1) he'd be under NDA and 2) the mods would be on him about his NDA, so its hard to believe that either is the case. Which leads us back to the conclusion that someone's just pulling dates out of one's butt at random.

Which would put someone back at the line where went all the others who have guessed and failed at when those drivers will "probably show up." There are many bold, loud fellows that have joined that line and been sent to the back after being wrong. Another won't be really even a bump in that long snake of bodies...

07-19-04, 03:33 AM
Does it matter? Nvidia is probably ganna give the review sites the drivers they want them to use anyways. Notice how the review sites aren't using the WQHL drivers? They are using the best beta. And will probably release official drivers sooner or later. They don't want to rush it. What major advantage does Nvidia have over ATI? Driver support. I don't want them to throw that away and rush


07-19-04, 03:37 AM
I am pretty certain the drivers will be released this week. Though last week I was expecting them in the middle of the week...

07-19-04, 04:14 AM
Would this be the latest?
Windows 2000/XP (version 61.72 WHQL) (updated driver for 61.34)

Just bought a new nvidia card since 2 years, so I have no idea what the latest drivers are.

Gaal Dornik
07-19-04, 06:25 AM
Drivers? sure
Official? no way
I think nVidia will release some drivers for reviewers only, with "bugs", to show everybody how "fast" are nV cards. This time it probably will be a wireframe mode :lol2: