View Full Version : nolf2 chapter 10 help

10-24-02, 08:41 PM
in begining of chapter 10 (proving grounds)...exactly how am i suppose to put out fires? or do i even have to? it seems as though it wants me to but i cant firgure out how? i know where the faucet is but what do i put the water into?also what is the best way to kill those super soldiers? i got first one with bomb. any help would be appreciated. thanks guys

10-24-02, 08:53 PM
Ill just point u in the right direction :p

First of all look for something that you would put water into, sounds like "duck" et.

I would advise avoiding the soilders ;)

10-24-02, 09:19 PM
Yeah, stay away from the soldiers for the time being.

They are there just to make your life difficult.

There is a bucket somewhere on that level. Find it and you can pick it up. Then hit the faucets!

10-28-02, 02:11 PM
I have a hard time spotting other ways to go when I'm being shot at :p