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07-19-04, 10:08 AM
Ok guys I was looking up PSU's for someone on the forums here and came across this. I was a bit blown away by the price. Anyone have this brand?(Chiefmax)

Chiefmax Dual fan 650watt ATX
General Features:
650-watts total
Dual Fans with Laser Cut fan grill
ATX form factor
Ideal for Pentium 4 processors and AMD Athlon processors
Over-current protection
Over-temperature protection
12-inch ATX power connector
12-inch AUX ATX connector
12-inch 12V connector
Four (4) 12-inch power connectors
Two (2) floppy drive connection
One (1) Serial ATA Connector

115V ~ 10A/60 Hz
230V ~ 6A/50 Hz
+5V at 36A
+12V at 34A
+3.3V at 36A
-5V at 1A
-12V at 1A
+5VSB at 2A
Price is regular $34 but its on sale for 29.99 and includes free UPS ground shipping

07-19-04, 10:10 AM
$34??!!! I can't help but wonder what cheaper components they used to cut price... Although the specs look nice.

07-19-04, 10:22 AM
Btw I checked the feedback for the various vendors offering this brand and they are all at the same general price. MicroTech Computers.com seems to have a better feedback(tho its the same % as 3btech.net). However the feedbacks that were negative(2) were not about the product, just that it took a few days to process. 3btech.net negative feedbacks were generally about bad customer service.

Now on resellerratings.com MicroTech has a great rating(9.04) whereas 3btech.net wasnt so good. If you order this PSU, Id suggest getting it from Microtech


07-19-04, 10:38 AM

600W, $32...

24A 12v line...

Another great bang for the buck IMO...

07-19-04, 10:40 AM
Seems a good one too:) The cheifmax has 34a on the +12 tho and is only $4 more

07-19-04, 10:43 AM
Ok after checking the link you listed, you've gotta add $1 for the power cord plus if you want sata, you gotta add another $2.50 and thats for an addon split cable to convert an existing molex into sata(I think, as its not really specified...but since its an addon, I would assume its just a converter cable). Whereas the Chiefmax 650 has 1 sata already on the PSU and comes with the power cord.

07-19-04, 11:17 AM
But how stable are the rails? They have to be using chapo-components.

07-19-04, 11:26 AM
I dont know. I suppose you could ask them; http://www.chiefmax.com/

07-19-04, 11:32 AM
That link shows $24! I might get one just as an extra in case mine gets hit by lightning.

07-19-04, 11:36 AM
anyone wanna try one out maybe ill buy it heh

07-19-04, 11:36 AM
Yeah but you gotta add shipping to that :) The $34 dollar price was including shipping(ground). The link I provided lets you choose shipping method.

07-19-04, 11:38 AM
lol any price under 50 for a 650 watt is an absolute STEAL

07-19-04, 11:39 AM
If you put pricewatch in the promo code box, it'll save you a few cents if you take the free shipping, because without that promo you get a price of 24.99 plus 8.15 for the cheapest shipping(ground) which adds up to 35.14 instead of $34. So by using pricewatch promo code, you save 1.14 if you choose the ground shipping

07-19-04, 11:43 AM
wow a dollar and 14 cents :\

07-19-04, 11:44 AM
I went ahead and bought one. They have a direct link to resellerratings.com once you buy something. Id say thats a good sign for this store.

BTW they have a hassle free return policy for the 1st 30 days. Chiefmax also has an online RMA form in case something goes wrong during the 1 yr warranty.

07-19-04, 11:48 AM
yeah i just dont see how it could be any good at that price. they must of used the cheapest parts available :\

07-19-04, 11:57 AM
Some users prefer getting the most for their dollar...

I just love how some ppl knock sub $50 PSU's... :rolleyes:

Personally I never spend more than ~$40, and as long as I check everything out before I buy, I'm usually all set. PowerMagic PSU's happen to have great rail strength, stability, and they permit the usual expected amount of OC'ing on every setup I've thrown at them. I've bought a number of PSU's from them, and all have worked great. With that said, I personally see no reason to get any big name PSU that costs $25 more or whatever, and has the same capabilities.

... And as for "quality of components"... well, these all fall into the same IPC manufacturing class, class 1 (consumer goods).. so basically they're made to the same standards.

07-19-04, 12:00 PM
I wouldn't buy it. They don't even tell us how much it weighs or what components they use. If you go to www.antec.com they list the weight of the PSU in the specs. I went to these guys website and they don't. There is no way these PSU's are going to operate at 650 watts at normal temperature.

07-19-04, 12:16 PM
yup also if u read its got 4 molex connectors lmfao. cheap arses

07-19-04, 12:18 PM
wouldn't buy what?

I see your point, but I really believe the PSU market is overhyped, and thus, some companies make a killing form making their PSU's seem so much more elite or something, which I think is a load of baloney...

Or maybe I'm just spoiled as a multiple repeat customer of amamax, having recieved many a GREAT running PowerMagic...

07-19-04, 12:20 PM
i usualy get antec. their psu's are reasonably priced.

07-19-04, 12:20 PM
Ya as soon as they started modding PSUs and putting in quiet cooling fans the prices shot up. Some of us just want a good quality PSU with out all the flair. That is why we pay less.

i usualy get antec. their psu's are reasonably priced.

Tru dat

07-19-04, 12:29 PM
After my previous cheap PSU went burnt.
I'll never buy a cheap PSU again.

07-19-04, 12:31 PM
I really like my Aspire 520W it comes pre-sleeved and looks nice. Pretty cheap too:

Here is a pic. My comp is a bit messy right now:


07-19-04, 12:42 PM
k for 39 dollars you can get

a) antec 350W
b)chiefmax 650W

I already have a 380W power supply, but 650W does sound very attractive. :)