View Full Version : Problems Geforce 6800U o/c

07-19-04, 11:49 AM
I change the bios of my card, now it's rock.
But if i oc just a little, i meet some crashs during games (freeze...)
Molex are ok , my powersupply => Thermaltake Butterfly 480W (17A on +12 maybe is the problem?)

07-19-04, 11:50 AM
why in the hell would u flash your bios. its just stupid. did you flash a GT to an ultra?

*Take it easy ssj4goku887. No need to talk like this here.* -UDawg-

07-19-04, 11:54 AM
lol ? my MSI 6800U default bios was unstable, so i put a better bios (ultra bios to ultra bios :D), now it rocks, but not in o/C

07-19-04, 11:55 AM
um... did you upgrade the bios using an MSI bios? or a differant company.

07-19-04, 01:00 PM
the bios is ok

07-19-04, 01:09 PM
the bios is ok
How do you know? You seem to be having troubles now that you have a new BIOS.


07-19-04, 01:31 PM
How exactly did you flash and with what?

Just found out that I have the first batch of POV cards which are 400Mhz core not 425 but both batches of card are totally identical. They're all more the capable of 425MHz. So I want to flash my card so I can resell it as a 425Mhz part which it is.


07-19-04, 01:32 PM
Ergo.. I just want to change 400Mhz to 425Mhz and nothing else.
Any recomendations

07-19-04, 02:23 PM
i took the leadtek 6800ultra bios...same card of the msi...400/1100
i flash with nvflash

07-19-04, 02:34 PM
BFG ultra bios is 425mhz stock, but if you change to a different bios and then the card goes belly up, your warranty will be no good.