View Full Version : What drivers come with bfg 6800 gt oc??

07-19-04, 07:57 PM
simple question, which ones come on the cd, and where can i find the current ones running in my display panel, thanks fellas.

07-19-04, 08:17 PM
Mine came with 61.21.

07-19-04, 08:23 PM
Oh ok i see where to find them now....

Did you update your drivers, or you gonna wait till nvidia updates thier sites with the new ones maybe sometime this week???

07-19-04, 08:24 PM
As mine was a review sample, my card came with 60.85 (very early drivers) but BFG shipped a CD-R with 61.21, which apparently is what quite a few retail cards have shipped with.

You can check the version you're running by going into your advanced display properties - right click on your desktop, properties, settings, advanced, click the GeForce 6800 GT tab and you should know from there.

07-20-04, 07:53 AM
I'm not having any problems or issues with my card/drivers, so I'll be waiting for Nvidia to post the new drivers. Note that I don't play Far Cry so I'm not compelled to do some of the many things regarding DX9.0c, pre-released and/or hacked drivers, etc., that you may read about on these forums.

Games I do play (a lot) and which are running beautifully:

Battlefield 1942 (Incl. Secret Weapons);
Battlefield Vietnam;
Rainbow 6: Raven Shield;
Unreal Tournement 2004;
Commanche 4.