View Full Version : I'm confused about all the driver versions...

07-20-04, 05:15 AM
A few days ago I upgraded from a 9800 to the 6800 GT. I have been reading the forums every day trying to get a better understanding of the Forceware drivers but I'm confused. With my ATI card it was simpl, it went up a step for each new driver and ATI's official site had the drivers. Now with this Nvidia card, as much as I'm loving it's performance, is pissing me the hell off because the drivers aren't at Nvidia's site, and I can't figure out which drivers to download because there's a **** load of them. 61.72, 61.76 (which I have now and Far Cry's lighting and shadows are ****ed up, reason im posting right now), 62.11's which I'm not sure if its beta or not. I don't know which ones I should download and am a little aggravated because they seem like amatuer drivers... as in there's problems in various games.

Look, I'm not stupid and I'm not a newbie to video cards, I had a 5900 Ultra, got a 9800 Pro after that and have since been a ghost to the Nvidia scene until a few days ago. However now that I've stepped back in, I can't seem to make sense of how to get my GT running it's best. Which drivers are supposed to be the "unofficially stable" drivers where most of the games work correctly and where can I download them since Nvidia so kindly is not providing them. :argh:

07-20-04, 05:36 AM
61.71 and 61.72 (WHQL) seem to be the two that a lot of people have had success on. nVIDIA seems to be releasing a new driver every three days lately. This is the most action we've seen from their driver team since last fall(?), yes? Anyways, give those two drivers a shot and keep checking the forums here.

Eventually there will be an official release, rumor is this week, that should find its way onto nVIDIA's website.