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07-20-04, 08:37 AM
before i start, i'm using 61.72whql

So I was playing Morrowind in 1600x1200 8xS 16xAF max view distance, and taking screenshots via ingame dump and looking at them in a paint program. I quit, then start, quit, then start. Bout 3rd time I start Morrowind or so, there appears to be a pinkish corruption at the top of the screen. When I start the game in 3D, it goes away. However, when a 2D overlay, such as a "Loading" screen comes on the screen, it comes back, then goes away again when the overlay is gone. So I quit the game and start Tron. Tron has corruption in a similar area of the screen, cept a different color now. I move my mouse over it and the corruption seems to encircle the mouse pointer, very odd. I take a screenshot with Print Screen and it does not capture the corruption, so I assume it is post-framebuffer. Again though, it was not present in 3D at all, unless a 2D overlay popped on the screen. Card temps were normal.

Rebooting fixed the problem. Haven't been able to replicate the problem yet.

Could this have been a driver glitch? Or is my BFG 6800GT & John Carmack trying to kill me with a RAMDAC? Thanks.

07-20-04, 10:17 PM
Hey Ruined, If your taking screenshots of Morrowind @ 16x12, could you do so with Max Draw Distance and Shadows Enabled and send some my way:D . Also, if you can use Morrowind FPS Optimizer to further enhance your Draw Distance I believe. I would like it if you took em @ 16xAF and 16xAA with Anisotropic and Trilinear Optimization disabled. If you can send em to my email in PNG form please if your connection can handle it.

07-20-04, 10:48 PM

not using "fps optimizer"
8xS 16xAF full trilinear

07-21-04, 12:03 AM
Never played it, but nice screenies.