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07-20-04, 12:04 PM
I bought a new card recently and everything is compatible except my power supply is around 260w. The manufacturer reccomends at least 300 watts. Will this hurt my performance at all if any? And if so, what kind of things would i notice due to a smaller power supply?

07-20-04, 01:35 PM
what kind of things would i notice due to a smaller power supply?

System instability, BSODs, etc. Get that PSU upgraded ASAP to the best quality one you can afford. Antec, Enermax, Sparkle are good brands. You want something that has a strong rating on the +12v line (>18A) - this specification is listed on vendor sites like Newegg as well as on the PSU makers' sites.

07-20-04, 01:42 PM
I am using an Enlight 300w supply on my rig, it came out of an Enlight case, it is working great with no stability issues at all, running an overclocked AMD Mobile, 2 hard drives, 2 DVD drives, vid capture/tv tuner card, 2 ethernet cards, 3 80mm fans, a flourescent tube, and my overclocked 6800GT.

Quality is more important than total wattage, some "500w" supplies are just junk...

07-20-04, 01:53 PM
As I am hoping a 6800U is shipping to me today. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this PS


07-20-04, 02:58 PM

We have a number of power supply threads. I am thinking of making this thread a stickie and merge the other power supply threads.