View Full Version : Evga GT impressions.

07-20-04, 02:17 PM
Got 2 cards from Evga yesterday.

My max oc is 380/1050. Driver version 61.71
Buddy's 410/1150 Driver version 61.34

Temps are about the same - Ambience 39~44
Gpu 61~62 -> 69~72 underload

3DMark 2001 : 18700
3DMark 2003 : 11170

Winxp Pro SP2.
P4 2.4C @ 3.12
Mushkin 3500 512mbx2
Antec TruePower 430

We are gonna swap the cards at some point to see if driver version and psu and other components affect the overclocking. My 3Dmark scores seem low especially 2001. Profiles seem to be broken. Vsync seems flaky. Other than that everything is smooth. IQ is excellent, although I had to use the R300 patch for Farcry. AA doesn't work in Farcry though.

More to come. Comments and questions welcomed.

07-20-04, 02:31 PM
Just received mine this week and my max oc is 385/1.06 right now I'm running 370/1.0 (GT OC speeds), kinda disappointed seeing the other oc's around here. A few games have some issues - GTA stutters, Rallisport Challenge with 61.76 turns to a slideshow after a few mins on any course (doesnt happen with EVGA 61.72s). Overall I'm happy, but not sure if my x800 Pro isn't smoother - still running tests with the 2 cards.

Let me know how the swap works. Im using a Enermax True Control 550 watt psu, so I dont think power is affecting my OC. Drivers didn't seem to affect it either.

Oh yeah and to enable AA from within Farcry - though this seems to take more of a performance hit than from the CP.