View Full Version : Problem with 6800GT

07-20-04, 03:43 PM
Ok, so I have been playing games perfectly with my video card, things have been running fantastic, etc. Then, yesterday, I was playing UT2k4, and it started going VERY slow(like 15 fps, whereas I normally get 80 in the same map)

So, I exit out, restart, and windows boots in 640 by 480 res, 4 bit color, and half my files are missing. So, no biggie, I reformat, and once I get everything set up again, I look in device manager and it says the 6800GT is on the PCI bus. I look in Everest(succesor to AIDA32) and it says that the 6800GT is on the PCIbus. So, anyone know WTF is going on? It is sorta urgent because I have a ut2k4 clan match tonight at 5 pst(in about 3 hours)

07-20-04, 04:58 PM
A few things to possibly look at. Try updating motherboard chipset drivers, especially the AGP portion. Try a different set of Forceware drivers if you haven't.

In case something funky happened with the BIOS, go in and make sure AGP aperture is at least 32 or else AGP is considered disabled. Might as well disable fast writes too for compatibility. If all else fails, you may have to borrow another video card for your needs.

Hope this helps.