View Full Version : New to Nvidia Need refreshfix Help

07-21-04, 12:43 AM
Hey all.

Just wondering if anyone knows how i can fix the refresh fix bug ?
Ive been looking at a few of the treads and i havent seen one yet that describes changing the 60hz to anything when coolbits2 the refresh overide and refreshforce wont fix the problem.

Going to give powerstrip a try here in a few minutes, i do have sp1 and th elatest 61.76s installed.

Just trying to get my bfg 6800Gt running.

07-21-04, 01:37 AM
Build in refreshoveride works perfectly fine , what game are you haveing problems with ? might be game related not driver !

07-21-04, 01:54 AM
Right now just AArmy i just tried desertcombat since you asked so then i flipped the screen with cntr-alt-delete to get stuck with my moniter trying to look for the 120hz option from Dc.

I spent th elast 4 hours looking for how to fix this but i just end up in blackscreen loops for the new Hz i just tried to set.

I useually do all my gaming at 1280x960 120hz but that was on my 9700p. :retard:

07-21-04, 02:12 AM
btw I cannot go full screen in americas army eighter.

07-21-04, 06:53 AM
Download Refresh Force (http://www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/) and use that instead of messing around with the built-in driver override. It works with every Forceware driver set I've tried.

07-21-04, 08:55 AM
I have tried about five differnat proggys non work that i know of yet if its working in desertcombat at least when i come out of th egame my normal system gos into search mode for that resolution and refresh rate.
I know what your talking about hough been useing reforce for 3 years and this is the first i seen it not work. I cant even set my desktop to anything but 60hz. :nanahump:

And it just sits on a search loop so its not to great that my screen gos black after leaving a game.

07-21-04, 01:33 PM
What monitor you got maybe it got some issues ? , i had Radeon 9700Pro and now 6800GT it was easyer for me to set refresh rates on Nvidia they build in driver overider worked better then atis :p , but no problem either way.

07-21-04, 04:25 PM
Its a pretty decent monitor company use to be one of the top brands years ago. I think 210hz is my max refresh though most the time i see 160 on ati and now 150 with this card.

This is getting discouraging being stuck on the desktop or loop city i got a bunch more ideals for i give up even another hardrive in a few.

Crap i scored over 10k on 3dm03 and it only runs at 63c with the clocks upped to 391/1110 with a bunch more head room for ocing.

My procs Winxp sp1
2400Xp 2.0mhz, aeroCool DP101
1gig 3200 ddr

6800 bfg Gt <bios is up to 1.6 volts
Soyo Plus kt333
350wtt emmermax
sb Audigy Zs
Maxtor 80gigx30gig

07-21-04, 04:47 PM
Holy %#^ :spam2:

I didnt do anything to my pc yet went and started looking at multyres and bam im in 85hz. So then i crank up Aarmy to see what ups and i go full screen first try i think my BALLS are gunna expode. :spam2:

Crap well i just remembered i under clocked it to stock speed so it may have something to do with it no i just need to get it back up to 120hz and game some and talk crazy about my Gt.

I did notice the screen looked a bit crisper in 3dm03 but thats not a game.