View Full Version : Nalu, Timbury etc.

07-21-04, 02:43 AM
I would like to know if i will be able to run the new Nvidia demo's with my 5900 Ultra. I just would like to see how well my card performs on them.

Has anyone else tried these on a 5950 or lower??

Plus i downloaded the new 61.76 drivers lastnight and they work great so far. I played call of duty, max payne 2 and need for speed underground with 8xAF, 4xAA and with v-sync turned on and the new quality setting on high quality and they ran smooth as silk. Im gonna try far cry later when i get home from work.

Cheers guys\gals

07-21-04, 02:59 AM
Download Riva Tuner and go to the openGL tab and change it to NV40 Emulation mode.

07-21-04, 03:58 AM
that would be slow wouldn't it?

07-21-04, 04:36 AM
that would be slow wouldn't it?

Yes. VERY s l o w.