View Full Version : Safe temps?

07-21-04, 03:34 AM
I wanted to know what safe temps are for my system?

AMD Athlon 3200+ Newcastle core @ 2.2 Ghz
ATI Radeon 9600 XT (Getting PNY 6800 GT soon)
1 GB Kingston HyperX PC4000 (2x512mb)
6 case fans (2 back 2 front 1 side 1 top)
Im using the stock HSF for everything...

My CPU fan is @ 5114 RPM!

CPU temps @ 120F (48C) when im idling or browsing net!
Mobo temps @ 97F (36C) also when idle
Video card @ 41C when idle and about 45-49 C when gaming!

Also what are some good programs to read temps besides everest!

07-21-04, 05:00 AM
As long you don't OC you should be fine.
Your 48 idle on the CPU indicate that it gets hot under load so you wont be getting any stable OC with your current cooling.
The 36 case show that your case cooling is not too great or that it's very hot in your room right now. :D

If you OC add some case fans and a good thermalright or similar CPU cooler.
You should run Prime95 torture test for maximum heat to see how your system runs under load. If Prime runs for a few hours without any errors your system is stable.