View Full Version : 6800GT - Aquamark results v.low???

07-21-04, 05:40 AM
Hi Guys,

just got my 6800Gt (PNY) and although all other tests seem OK - Aquamark is very low I think.

3DMark03 - 10,300

Aquamark 48,000 ?????

Driver version is 61.76 WHQL

FarCry and other games seem to be fine - based on that 3DMark03 score im sure the card is running fine - do you think that my old SiS 648 chipset and the DDR 333 ram along with the old 533FSB on the processor are holding back Aquamark THAT much - most benches I can fine show a score of between 50-60 on Aquamark??

Please help me out guys - your so good at this stuff - and my little head is hurting.............

System specs below.

EDIT: - forgot to say I have yet to re-format following installing the card.

07-21-04, 07:20 AM
Anyone?? - I did ask rather nicely!!!!


07-21-04, 07:52 AM
i think there's nothing wrong with your score, if i look at your rig, it seems that your processor could be the bottleneck for the aquamark score, and then again if games work fine as you stated above, what's the problem then?

do you want to play games, or to run high benchmarks? (i thought so ;) )remember that a benchmark score is just a number and running a game flawless is what's it all about :)

07-21-04, 08:02 AM
roger that

07-21-04, 08:04 AM
i got 11544 in 3dmark on 6800U....i think ur score is good.

07-21-04, 08:16 AM
yeh 3D Mark is fine - as is FarCry etc.

just Aquamark that seems a bit slow at the moment......ill experiement and come back to you.

07-21-04, 09:00 AM
Seems about right, maybe a bit low - I tried my GT paired with a P4b 2.4 and 512 MB ram and got ~49,000