View Full Version : when will the first pci express ultras be available ???

07-21-04, 08:05 AM

I have to update my complete system.The new cpu will be a intel on 775 since i don´t want to buy one with the "old" slot.

But all boards available with 775 don´t have an agp port and only pci express...some have agp ports but they use a normal pci slot then,which is crap.

So,i either have to stick to the old slot,which would be pretty stupid,because when i update i have to buy a new mobo and ram again or i will have to wait for ages untill the first geforce ultras on pci express arrive?!?!?
They are even not available on agp so i wonder how long i will have to wait for a pci express version.

Its really ****ty updating this time,i don´t know why the hardware industry is so stupid that they can´t see that doom³ and hf² is right around the corner to get their new stuff out in time....oh well!

Does any of you guys have any info when the first geforce ultra pci express cards will be available?Do ihave to wait till christmas for them or what? :(

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07-22-04, 02:27 PM
I saw FX class Ultras (5750 Ultra and 5950 Ultra) with PCI express while surfing yesterday. You probably can find them too.