View Full Version : X800 pro Vivo mod vs. 6800GT

07-21-04, 08:40 AM
OK, I am really getting sick of waiting for these XT's to show up. I wanted to get some opinions on what to go with.

Right now the cheapest VIVO I can find is the Sapphire x800pro vivo for $450, 6 bucks more than what I had preordered with cdw for the xt . The GT I can find a XFX and PNY both for around 404. Are these 2 cards good overclockers? My situation is, if I go with the x800 I have a waterblock (swiftech mcw50) that will fit fine, however with the GT I either have to wait till one is available or not use one, and I would rather water cool these chips. I plan on doing the 16 pipe softmod on the X800, but I heard people are not able to overclock as well. Does anyone here have a PNY or XFX overclocked?

Also, I read that dangerden will have a water block for the GT soon, anyone have any info on that?



07-21-04, 08:48 AM
I had a Club3D X800 Pro VIVO that I softmodded to a XTPE, with 1.6v and water cooling the core did 605mhz stable.

However I find my XFX 6800 Ultra smoother and all round a better performer than the XTPE at default.

07-21-04, 09:10 AM
How do you do the volt mod? You have to solder?

07-21-04, 09:22 AM
How do you do the volt mod? You have to solder?

Its a pencil mod, quick google should find it from vr-zone