View Full Version : Adaptec SmartRAID controller & (2) 18.2 Cheetah's...

10-25-02, 08:01 AM
Adaptec model PM3334UW... comes with 4mb factory supplied ECC SIMM onboard... Check your case dimensions!! Check online pricing!! I'll sell this for much less, and have it tested beforehand...

Also: (2) Seagate 10,000 rpm 18.2 cheetah's with only 3 months of occasional (I mean it) usage on a server.

Model #'s and rev levels available upon request...


11-02-02, 07:39 AM
how about some prices so i know if i can afford it?hehehe

11-04-02, 06:23 AM
I'll do some figuring and let you know probably wednesday...
I'll probably kick the price down for the whole package... Or are you just interested in one of the items?