View Full Version : BFG 6800 ultra OC installed..questions follow

07-23-04, 03:32 PM
Just installed my card and ran some benchmarks and was wondering if I could get some opinions on them..if they are low, can someone offer suggestions on raising these scores....anyway, here goes.

Aquamark3 default run: 49,686
3Dmark03: 11,337

Systems spec are as follows

Intel P4 2.53 mhz 533 FSB
BFG 6800 ultra OC
1 GB Corsair PC2700 ram
120 GB western digital HD 8 MB cache
Win xp Prp with SP 1
Directx 9.0B

Some issues I had upon installation...loud ass fan noise when I first started...almost like something was caught in the fan. I was aware of other people having these issues so I turned everything off, took the card out, used some compressed air on the fan, then reseated the card again and connected power cords to it. Upon rebooting that seemed to cure the problem and now it's running very quiet indeed.

Only thing I am still having a problem with currently is my Dlink wireless adaptor. In order to make more room for the card I moved it away from the nividia card and upon rebooting windows would just freeze at the desktop or even before it got to desktop. At first I thought it was a graphics card or driver issues but upon uninstalling the DLINK adapter that seems to have taken care of that problem. Only thing is right now I'm using dial up instead because I have that DLINK adaptor uninstalled. I'll try again a little later with another driver and hopefully that'll resolve my problem. Anyway, thanks for reading and hopefully some people can add their comments on my scores with recommendations. Thanks again.

forgot to mention...temps are as follows

core: 56 C
ambient: 39C

07-23-04, 03:36 PM
Are you sure that you have AA/AF disabled in the NVIDIA control panel?

07-23-04, 03:39 PM
Considering your system spec, I would say that 3DM03 score is in the ballpark, the Aquamark3 might be 4-5 thousand behind what I would have expected though ... but only going from reviews.
Try a different PCI slot for the D-link ( I assume its pci not plugged into mobo ?) could be an IRQ sharing issue ...

07-23-04, 03:43 PM
I have run into the identical problem with the DLink wireless adapter DWL-G520. I was moving some things around.

I finally wound up putting the card right back in the slot where I had originally installed it, un-installed the D-Link software, un-installed the card (in device manager), then re-installed in the desired slot. I think it was more a Windows XP gliche than anything else. In any case, everything has been working fine for months now.

07-23-04, 03:43 PM
Clay, I didn't check the drivers before running the benchmark, I'll have to double check it again and run it again, I'll let you know.

As for the DLINK adaptor, it is in fact PCI.....right now i'm happy it's running ok since I thought I had a bad card on my hands...so I am leaving the adaptor offline until later on when I'll work on it again. took me a good 20 mins to isolate that problem in the first place, lol. Also, I think my AGP aperture is set to 64 MB because I thought having it at 256MB might have been caushing the lockups...I'll have to raise it back up to 256. How do the temps look to everyone?


07-23-04, 03:46 PM

I have the DLINK DWL-520+, certainly seems to be a problem for dlink adaptors. I'm gonna try using driver version 2.13...windows installed 3.04 and thats when all hell broke loose. if that doesn't work then I'll be forced to move it back where it was next to the graphics card...but I'd rather not do that since I want to give the card some breathing room.


07-23-04, 03:55 PM
the aquamark3 score of 49,686 was run in 1024X768X32
NO FSAA, 4X ansio on max details.


07-23-04, 05:20 PM

I moved the DLINK card back to its original slot and that seems to have taken care of the lockups...now I just have to get the drivers working again...damn card is so picky. On a brighter note...was just playing FC in 1600X1200 with everything set to very high details and water on Ultra...holy crap I didn't know what I was missing until now, lol.


P4 2.53 ghz 533 FSB
1 GB corsair XMS PC2700
BFG 6800 ultra OC
WD 120 GB HD with 8 MB cache
Dell 2001 FP
Win xp pro with SP1
logitech Z-2200 2.1's

07-23-04, 06:45 PM
Good thing I didn't buy a D-Link card after my Linksys one just decided to stop working. Thank God I was still within my 30 return policy - got all my money back no questions asked. I chose the US Robotics 802.11g card and it's running fantastically.

07-23-04, 07:10 PM
everythings back to normal now...just had to move the card back to its original slot and reinstall drivers for it again. But if anyone else is having lockups at desktop or while trying to boot...you should check to see if your using a wi-fi card.