View Full Version : Raptors - keep 'em cool?

07-23-04, 05:57 PM
Does anyone know if WD recommends active cooling for these drives?

07-23-04, 06:03 PM
Officially I don't know, but I do know 7200rpm or higher and I certainly recommend active cooling. That's why you won't find drives that fast in laptops, they get too hot.

07-23-04, 06:50 PM
I have my primary WD drive (with OS/games/etc) cooled simply with an 80 mm fan in front of the cage. My backup drive sits under my floppy (video card gets in the way otherwise) and it's been fine for the 3 weeks it's been there.

But for the Raptors, I would certainly look into at least putting an intake fan in front of the drives, if not purcashing specialized hard drive coolers.

07-23-04, 06:50 PM
I would... My case is set up so an 80mm fan is blowing directly on it

07-23-04, 07:41 PM
I would... My case is set up so an 80mm fan is blowing directly on it

Exactly, that's probably all you need is a good fan in the cage where the hard drive is, that's what I use for my 7200rpm IDE drive, and my father uses the same thing for his 2 x 80gig 7200rpm SATA RAID drives.

07-23-04, 08:28 PM
I just bought two of the 74gb Raptors(gotta have a big comfy home for Doom3... :rolleyes: ) I'm tossing out the two Maxtors and bumping the 36gb Raps up as the boot array and the two new drives will run off the IHC5R SB as the games and power apps arrary.
Anyway, back on topic....I'd definately recommend active cooling...I have the Chieftec style server case with one (3)HD bay cooled with a built-in 80mm fan and I custom fitted two 50mm fans for the top bay because even the Maxtors ran so hot, with-out air flow on them, they stung to the touch...

07-23-04, 08:36 PM
here's my upper bay cooling....I drilled out the 3 1/4 slot cover in the front of these fans and it does a great job on cooling the boot arrary down
the pics are a little old, the floppy drive is now replaced by a Nexus bus.

Son Goku
07-24-04, 04:35 AM
Pain, that looks very similar to what I have for my 2 Cheetahs, except mine is a bit longer (so the entire length of the HD fits in it completely) and looks to have a thicker gauge aluminum in direct contact with both the drive and comp case.

Given that we're talking 10k rpm HDs, I seriously recommend cooling on those drives. Though I don't have Raptors, I do have Cheetahs (the 10k rpm SCSI drives from Seagate). As I remember, Seagate did recommend cooling on the Cheetahs. I'd suggest the same here...

07-24-04, 09:08 AM
Would definitely recommend getting a case with active cooling for those drives... especially if they're grouped together with others.

Just recently had to bunch my drives together to get the 6800GT into the system. 4 hard drives together. Temp sensor shoved in between the 2 raptors indicated 127F at it's worst.

Maybe a case like this (http://spill.erf.net//blur/drive-cage.jpg) would help you out. One of Antec's better ones... a 120mm fan sits in front of that drive cage. Drive cluster temp is about 90F at it's highest now.

07-25-04, 09:02 AM
I know with my "old" Cheetah X15 drives they required active cooling. So if they recommend it for their 10,000 RPM models as well then I guess it makes sense to use it with the Raptors. Seems that's the consensus in this thread anyway. :)

07-25-04, 09:51 AM
I would... My case is set up so an 80mm fan is blowing directly on it
Same here. :thumbsup:

07-27-04, 12:06 PM
7200rpm drives are coming to laptops this year, or early next year at the latest. They said the samething about 5400rpm drives now you can get em.