View Full Version : EVGA Have 40.72 WHQL drivers......

10-25-02, 07:37 PM
This is just for anyone interested with WHQL Driver

www.evga.com Have the 40.72 WHQL driver already posted on the website..

10-25-02, 07:49 PM
i'm gonna give these a try..haven't used a manufacturers driver in forever. i remember in the early days, when card manufactuers actually kept up with nvidia drivers and provided their own optimizations for their own cards and performed better..i'll get back and tell how these work.

10-25-02, 09:54 PM
When I owned my eVGA cards, their drivers were abosolutely no different than the standard reference drivers. Heck, eVGA never even bothered to change the name of the cards in the deviceid string (like Elsa did and Asus does).

Unless something's changed, I think these drivers will be the same as the leaked 40.72's only with the M$ stamp of approval. Yippie skippy. :rolleyes:

10-25-02, 10:12 PM
your right, i was about to install this, it was an evga installation screen, but it extracted and ran another install identical to nvidia driver installation. they didn't optimize it at all.

10-26-02, 07:36 AM
Since when do the third parties actually modify nvidia drivers ;)

I've got a Leadtek card and their drivers come with the bloated pos Winfox but the underlying drivers aren't modified at all.

So I take it these evga drivers have the MS digital signature?