View Full Version : Battlefield Vietnam vs. Shellshock: Nam '67

07-23-04, 07:49 PM
Trying to decide between one of these Vietnam games:

Battlefield Vietnam

Shell Shock: Nam '67

Shell Shock ain't out yet, but it looks like it could be better. Has anyone been following Shell Shock's development closely? Thanks.

edit: looks like shellshock is a third person shooter, probably will end up getting it on xbox instead of PC for that reason.

07-27-04, 07:55 AM
I haven't heard too many good things about battlefield vietnam. I'm definately purchasing shellshock. Apparantly it's a fairly realistic depiction of vietnam even beyond the violence.

07-28-04, 07:57 PM
Well from what i know Shellshock wont have multi, i could be wrong tho.
I play bfv alot on a high level and i love it, there is no better game for multiplayer right now, atleast for me :)