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07-24-04, 06:13 AM
Hey guyz, my first post..help me
I am from india...n i hav to buy a new grafic card soon. Ive collected around $450.00 USD for a new vga. i was abt to buy the 9800XT or 5950U, but thn the X800 n 6800 series released.
Now my friend will b travelling to Hongkong(HK) or Dubai in the nex month. does anyone kno the price of 6800GT or 6800ultra in HK or Dubai?...Approximately.
I hafta get the card from hk or dxb coz here in india the card wont release uptill OCT, and wen it releases its price will b as hi as $750.00 usd.
The X800 pro available here for $600.00 USD, but i dont want that card, coz the Gf6 has PS 3.0 n VS 3.0, so mite as well buy that.
i dont mind any manufacturer for the card. I feel Inno3d, Msi, BFG Tech. , Leadtek are good.,Asus is the best but expensive. But i wanna kno their cost in HK.(if these manufacturers available?)
Plz msg bak
Rite now i use a Inno3d Geforce Ti4200 128mb. & i beleve it wont b able to play DOOM3 well..
Plz reply

P4 2.8HT Oc 3.4
Asus P4P800e Deluxe
Transcend 512 DDR400
Inno3d Ti4200 128Mb

07-24-04, 06:31 AM
u will be lucky to get an ultra. try these pages


select "video cards" from the drop down box

all brands that are available in hong kong are listed there. You cannot get BFG, eVGA cards in Hong Kong. Asus, MSI, Galaxy, Inno3d, Gigabyte to name a few are availablein Hong Kong.

In fact, the page says that Inno3d have ultras for sale in Hong Kong..which is strange as I haven't seen any ultra's...or GTs in any of the computer malls here. Non Ultras yes...but no GT or Ultras..thats Golden Arcade in Shamp Shui Po, Southern Playground Mall, 298 in Wan Chai and Mong Kok malls.

07-24-04, 11:11 AM
High end comp part prices basically cost the same all around the world, except for the UK, they rip everyone off.

W00T HK people REPREZENT!! :D

07-24-04, 01:07 PM
Hey Thanx a lot..
The site really helped me to find out the approx cost of 6800GT, but i am still a $100 Usd short, as i converted the $HK to $US.
But its cheaper compared to here in India. The card hasn't released as yet in india, but the radeon X800XT has released @ $750 USD.. and thast really expensive, comapared to UK too.

Can a similar site b found for the pries in Dubai too.
If yes, wuld b of gr8 help

Thanx a lot Once AGAIN!