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10-26-02, 12:16 AM
I was running a ti4400 OCed to 310/620 for a few weeks and everything was fine. No freezing, nothing. One day, I was going to take a look at the benchmarking program that comes with the NvRefresh tool and out of nowhere my card just crapped out on me. By crap out, I mean that all sorts of weird colors and fragments appear all over the screen. There are also blank spots on the screen. I have tried EVERYTHING, and nothing will work. Even when I boot up and the bios screen shows up, everything is scrambled and there are stripes of blank areas that run vertically across the screen. I noticed a few things, when Windows 2000 boots up, the screen is all messed up, but I can still see things and interact with the comp. When it gets to the part where it finds my card and loads the drivers, the screen goes completely scrambled and the machine freezes. Luckily, I keep my old GF2MX around and am currently running with that. If I use my old card, remove it from the list of hardware, then turn off the machine, swap out the cards and reboot, things get a little better. It boots up scrambled, but I can also get windows to load completely because it doesn't load the GF drivers, it just uses the default vga stuff with 16 colors. When I get to that point, I have tried changing the video acceleration used to none. I have had mixed results, it keeps running sometimes and freezes other times. I have also tried the card on another computer and the same thing happens. I was using the 40.72 drivers when this started happening. I have since reverted back to the 29.42 ones, which still doesn't help. I am wondering a few things:

1) Do you think the overclocking did it? I ran my card for several weeks and it was fine, not a single thing wrong. Normally, if something is clocked too high, you will have a problem right away, correct? PS - I will NEVER overclock again after this!

2) Has this ever happened to anyone else? Is there any way to fix it? Maybe there are just some settings inside the card that were set wrong? Is there a way to revert the card back to it's default state?

3) If the thing is really fried ($200 arrrggghhh!!!!), do you think the manufacturer, PNY, will replace it? They say they can tell if you OCed it, but are they just trying to scare us, or can they really tell?


10-26-02, 12:23 AM
they can't tell..i'd try to rma it. maybe you have a heatwave suddenly, or the heat in your room rose to higher than it was. you can try to underclock your card as far as you can see what happens. also you could've gave it a good helping of static electricity when handling it.

10-26-02, 12:37 AM
One more thing, these cards come with a fan on them. Since the fan is already on there, I assumed there wasn't a need for me to apply thermal paste. Am I correct? Do you need to do any special stuff with the fan prior to installation? Thanks

10-26-02, 12:54 AM
It very well could have been overclocking that did it Pontius.

Most of time when a card is oc too high you get visual artifacts, freezes and whatnot.

I had a slightly overclocked 32 meg DDR Radeon that after couple hours playing a game, parts of the screen would turn funky colors and then the screen got garbled. So the system was turned off, it allowed to cool off and then the speed was backed down to default. Everything was fine after that.

There was no need for you to apply thermal paste since there should have been thermal paste applied already.

"Do you need to do any special stuff with the fan prior to installation?" Nope.

See if you can test the GF4 Ti4400 out in a different system. If it still behaves that way, then yeah its messed up.

10-26-02, 01:34 AM
Yep, tested it out on a different one, and it's still like that. But keep in mind I ran this card for at least 2 weeks overclocked, and it was fine, even while gaming. Then all of a sudden, it craps out when I wasn't gaming, it just doesn't make sense. I'm gonna try to get them to replace it

10-26-02, 02:23 AM
The TI 4400 should be able to handle that much o\c, been running my Leadtek TI4400 at 305-660 for months (since it came out). It was either heat or improper voltages to your card. I did remove my hsf, reapplied ASIII, and do have extra cooling (besides the 2 fans that come with v|c). I religiously remove any and all hsf, lap 'em, and reapply ASIII. I have yet to find any hsf that were perfectly flat, and find almost always, only a tiny dried out dab of thermal grease, only in the center of the chip. Very poor manufacturing, to make a real fancy hsf setup, and then to skimp on the application of the fairly inexpensive thermal grease.
The GF4's are also very voltage sensitive, too low, or too high, with a healthy o\c will burn 'em up eventually. A good psu is mandatory to run stable. Never had a problem with any GF's after switching to an Antec 4000w psu.

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10-26-02, 08:48 AM
It happened to my Ti500 once... I o/c it to high, 265/605... it should be 240/500...

It did run for a couple of weeks, everything seems perfect, no artifacts, no white dots... just perfect...

And suddenly, in one day... games run so slowww, white blocks all over my monitor when I'm playing MOHAA, and when I get back to windows, I can't see a damn thing... I down clocked it but it's too late, at the next day, even in DOS, 2D gets even worse...

I learn a lesson from this, I WILL NEVER O/C MY V CARD IF I DON'T NEED TO... glad It's still on waranty...

10-26-02, 10:03 PM
Ok, well thanks for the advice. Since my card is shot and is not repairable, I'm going to attempt to get a replacement, since it's still under warranty. I bought a bulk model from an online store, so I cannot go to them for a refund, I have to go straight to the manufacturer, PNY. What are the odds of getting a new one in a somewhat timely manner? Anyone here ever had experience with returning items to a manufacturer?

10-27-02, 09:05 AM
Hi Pontius

I say the odds a nearly 100% as you have only had it 2 weeks.
I recently returned my Geforce 4600 to gainward after e-mailing them the problems. I experience exactly the same problem as you in that my screen turned into a polygon popping psycadelic mess. Kind of like when a spectrum game loads then bugers up :)
The card was clocked at its standard setting but it took 5 months to happen instead of a couple of weeks.

They told me to return the card to them with written details of the problem and within a week I got a new A3 model :D . I know what it's like not to have a decent graphics card in your computer. Hell! :eek: but I'm sure you can find other things to do in that time.

Hope my experience with Gainward is as good as PNY for you.