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07-24-04, 12:12 PM
I'm presently running an MSI Geforce 4 Ti4200 64mb card with an MSI KM2M-L Combo motherboard and AOC Spectrum 5Glr 15" Monitor as a backup machine.

Over recent months i have noticed an issue whereby the monitor will black out (there seems to be a momentary loss of power/signal, power is restored but the screen is completely black, the only solution being to turn the monitor off and back on)at regular intervals, typically when "redrawing the screen" (its not a random thing) (e.g. after exiting a game back ot the desktop, or when switching users in Windows XP).

Given the "backup" nature of this machine i cannot exaclty pinpoint the time at which the issue started, but i suspectt it was with the installation of the Forceware 52.16 driver, prior to that, running the 3x.xx and 4x.xx series driver i didnt have any problem. Since then i have tried multiple motherboard, monitor and video drivers (inlcuding the latest 6x.xx series right the way back down to 30.xx) using Drivercleaner 3 to clear out any remnants (given that it is seemingly impossible to completely remove 52.16 off a system), with no luck whatsoever. I have also tried various versions of Windows XP inclusing SP1 and pre-SP1.

I have searched the internet, without luck, for advice on this problem, however it seems to be unique. At present i feel i have exhausted just about every avenue of investigation availiable, however i am almost sure this is a driver related issue, given that when replacing the Nvidia display driver with windows "Standard VGA" driver the problem is no longer present. Thus i am sure that teh fault is being caused by the display drivers or by the display driver snot "interacting" as they shoudl with the monitor

I have tried just about all the options availiable in the NVCPL availiable to me including disabling refresh rate overrides, overclockign etc. and am now thoroughly coming to my wits ends.

Short of a full blown reformat and rebuild (though the problem is annoying, it isnt that annoying) any help with this annoying issue would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


07-24-04, 03:09 PM
Hah, that's wacky. Do you have another hard disk that you could load Windows on? If you do, why not install Windows on that. If your problem doesn't show up on the disk with a fresh install, then you'll know that your primary hard drive is due for a reformat.

If you still get that problem even after a reformat you might try poking at the refresh rates of the monitor. Maybe the drivers are feeding a signal that your monitor cannot display. I know that happens to me with my LCD and the 62.xx drivers during resolution changes.

07-26-04, 06:48 PM
I think i've found the answer to my "monitor blacking out" problem. The only thing is, i dont thing i can find the solution.

Apparently issues with monitors needing a power recycle to display properly on Ti4200's was addressed in BIOS release

However, the last BIOS released by MSI was I've looked hard for any later rleeases from MSI and cant find anything, and though i've found's on my travels, noen will "go" with my card.

Thus, if anyone does have the BIOS for an MSI GF4Ti4200-TD64 or an Nvidia reference BIOS for 64Mb Ti4200's i'd greatly appreciate it if they coudl let me know.