View Full Version : Overclocking casuing ATI VPU recover?

Mr. Teatime
07-25-04, 11:14 AM
Hi, I have an MSI 865PE Neo2 motherboard, and I'm experimenting with its 'dynamic overclocking' feature (which basically OCs the CPU when it's being used, but brings it back down to normal levels when the CPU isn't being taxed). I've also turned on the MAT function of the motherboard (something that, from the motherboard manual, "specialises in potimizing the data transfer rate among CPU, north bridge chip and memory, and also in procuring better memory performance and bandwidth up to 10%").
I am testing these settings with 3D mark, but twice now I have had the graphics card - a Radeon 9700 pro - freeze up and recover itself with VPU recover.
Why would this be, since the graphics card is not overclocked at all, and I haven't touched AGP overclocking (there's an option for the dynamic overclocking to work on AGP as well which I have disabled).
I am getting a new card tommorow, a 6800 Ultra, and I'm wondering maybe it's just an old card that I currently have that's 'making a fuss' for want of a better phrase... I can't work out why overclocking the CPU and memory would cause the graphics card to switch to VPU recover. Any advice? TIA

07-27-04, 12:04 PM
VPU recover is a great idea but it causes more problems than it fixes. Shut it off and you should be alright.