View Full Version : 6800gt low 3dmark score, need advice...

07-26-04, 01:10 PM
I'm getting 10,827 on my 3dmark2k3 score @ stock, seems kinda low compared to other scores with similar systems...I checked out each test and it seems my proxycon test is running low...I see most 6800 GT users getting 100-107 fps in this test...i'm getting 86....regardless of what driver I try....I;ve been through 61.36,61.71,62.01,62.20, and currently using the 61.76....score always remains about the same, give or take 20 points....all my games run fine, my question was...isnt proxycon an opengl test? If so...are there any other opengl benchmarks I can try to make sure my card is fine. Thanks in advance.

The only opengl game I own is quake 3....which when using fraps stays at 91fps...(seems to be locked) so I dont have any other in-game scores to check. Maybe I should download a cod demo.

07-26-04, 01:15 PM
that score sounds pretty normal @ stock clock speeds. Very few people actually post 3dmark's @ stock, you are likely seeing people with at least a 400/1100 ultra OC clock, which will usually break 12,000.

I have mine @ 415/1150, 3.2 P4C and get 12,510. If I don't OC, it's in the high 10k range as well.

07-26-04, 01:24 PM
Yep, that's sounds pretty normal. My system at stock speeds gets 11,134, but o/ced to 410/1100 gets 12,484. I'm leaving it at stock because there is no noticeable performance gain in games but a large temperature gain, so it's totally worthless to O/C in my opinion.

07-26-04, 01:39 PM
yea..thats why im not ocing...right now the extra frames are useless-all my games run great @ stock....this card runs warm enough...I dont want to run it any hotter. =) Thanks for the replies guys. =)