View Full Version : soundstorm audio driver: DLS and SF2 support !?!

07-26-04, 02:16 PM
grrr... in the new nvmixer there are no options to let you load DLS or SF2 soundfonts banks !!!

the old and good soundstorm control panel has such options but the new drivers doesn't support it :( and the old drivers... you know... they are old :)

i couldn't believe my eyes nvidia forgot about that :((

what do you think: is there any chances that nvidia will get back these things in a future driver release ?

sorry for my poor english skills :D

12-19-04, 05:13 PM
6.14.0456.0 audio driver version

STILL no dls and sf2 support for so called "soundstorm" :( (nforce/apu)
i think nvidia made a BAD JOKE with its clients... at least they just lost one client.
no more nvidia products for me :(

i payed for dls and sf2 support in nforce2, there was for some little time, there is no more... i feel frustrated... as you can see from this post :) why?! 'coz they made me pay for something that i didn't get.

so... conclusion: no more nvidia products for me :(, at least no more motherboards with nvidia chipsets.

a no more nvidia client -- FRUSTRATED :) :D

12-19-04, 05:30 PM
That's nice. Here's a quarter, go call someone who cares.

12-19-04, 07:39 PM
That's nice. Here's a quarter, go call someone who cares.
wow you're nice :rolleyes:

12-19-04, 07:51 PM
Saturn is our no-nonsense bouncer. ;)

12-19-04, 08:32 PM
Hmm....isn't soundfont obsolete now? I mean sure it would have been good for games in the MIDI days, but nowadays we have much improved compression algorithms and storage capacities so we use PCM based audio.

Unless of course you are doing hardcore digital music mixing among other things, but then if you were doing that, why would you use a soundstorm? Sure it is an awesome gaming card, but there are far far far better solutions that are intended for that other purpose. Manufacturers like m-audio are what you should look for in that case. Not only can they provide you with a DAC far superior to anything else, but they also have several midi in/out ports that you can connect your instruments into. Gaming cards no longer do this.