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07-26-04, 03:49 PM
Hello all,

There is a very good thread about ATI's non-existent 3D Stereo in http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33651792 , and I am a regular there.
After doing a search here, in nvnews, I could not see such a thread, so I am starting this.

I hope, this will also be a thread in which a lot of questions will be answered and a lot of people will get a lot of help about 3D Stereo :D

So, here are my questions:
Is there anyone here with 6800 series card and tried Stereo 3D? How is it?
Are there games with problems in Stereo?
Did anyone try any DX9 game, such as Far Cry or Doom3 (I mean, alpha)? Do they work fine?


07-26-04, 04:29 PM
You may want to try our main hangout for this kind of thread: www.StereoVision.net forums.

Been playing far cry with DX9c beta (getting final release as we speak). Full 32bit shaders patched. Everything is so beautiful... i cant put into words the astonishment and amazement im experiencing :)

You do have to put water to medium detail, and maybe special effects to low, but that only effects stereo when you get hit which forced it into 2d for duration of the blurring effect - hardly worth dissabling it as other features which work fine will be dissabled also.

Using 6800GT@ 406/1100, Elsa Revelators, 1280x1024, aniso level: 4, FSAA: 0 - projected onto 120" screen from MP2810 DLP Projector. Performance is amazing, though there is sometomes a little lag on high polycount areas

I think when the elites on this forum seriously give stereo a go, there will be a firestorm through the net about the technology - especially since nVidia have done such an amazing job with the driver :)

Extremely happy stereo gamer,

-- RAGEdemon