View Full Version : directx 5 & 6 game problems

07-27-04, 10:42 AM
I thank very much Linux-driver-team for their great support even for old chips (esp TNT).

Below is a complaint toward Windows-driver-team:

nvidia says in "readme.txt" that RIVA-TNT is supported, but they have removed support for this chipset in forceware series!
Driver version 5.22 works much better than 43.45 for my chipset! Likely they must release outdate drivers instead of update! If they don't test their new drivers with old chips (like RIVA-TNT) and old OSs (like Win98), They don't really support them! I ask them make intensive tests on old machines as well as old GPUs and OSs; Using "Mad Onion Video2000 (TM)" for testing the drivers' quality seems to be a good idea! Thanks.

Graphic Card : Diamond Viper V550 (RivaTNT-16MB-PCI)
CPU : AMD K62+ 550 MHz
RAM : 512 MB
Update Driver: nVIDIA-Forceware 56.64 (no-support)
Working Driver: nVIDIA-Detonator 43.45
Nice Driver: nVIDIA-Detonator 5.22

Thank you for your notice,

Bahram Alinezhad,
Tehran, Iran.