View Full Version : Hard time making drive bootable???

07-27-04, 03:10 PM
Athlon 64 3000+
EPoX 8KDAJ nForce 3 250
Both drives on IDE channel
1 Western Digital 40GB SE (Windows XP, boots fine) Master
1 Western Digital 120GB SE (Refuses to be bootable) Slave

OK, here's the story...

Have Windows XP 32 bit installed on the 40GB drive. Worked fine.

Partitioned the 120GB drive into to ~60GB primary partitions. Drive is brand-new, out of the retail box.

Went to install Win64 on one of the new partitions. Rebooted after text-based format and file copy, windows came back and said "/system32/root/ missing or corrupt ntsokernel.exe" or something to that effect. At this point, I figure I accidentally installed 64 onto the 40GB hard drive and borked my Win32 install. No biggie.

I pulled that drive and placed the 120GB drive as the IDE master. Set the shunt accordingly. Formatted the drive in the text-based Windows XP Home setup (Format using the NTFS File System..and not the "quick" method"). Completed, rebooted and BIOS came back and said "Error loading operating system".

At this point, I go into the Recovery console and run "fixmbr" and "fixboot" figuring that for whatever reason, when the drive was formatted it wasn't given either. When I ran "fixmbr" it said "Drive contains an Invalid or Unrecognized Master Boot Record...will overwrite..continue?" I said yes. Rebooted, ran setup again and once more bios came back and said "Error loading operating system". Now I'm pissed.

Ran Fixmbr once more. Again, it said "Drive contains an invalid or unrecognized Master Boot Record". That did not make me happy. I went into the Windows setup, deleted the partitions and started again. Formatted the ENTIRE drive, files coppied, rebooted...."Error loading operating system".

Troubleshooting time. I took the 40GB drive, hooked it up and offloaded the files on my fiancee's PC. Formatted it in the text-based windows setup, copied files, rebooted and it worked just like every other time I installed windows.

Why the heck can't I get the 120GB drive to boot?? It was formatted and partitioned in WindowsXP under Disk Management as a primary dos partition which SHOULD have made it bootable. That didn't work. I partitioned it again in windows setup. That should have also made it bootable. Didn't work. In the recovery console I told windows to fix the drives MBR not once, but twice. No dice.

What the heck did I do wrong?