View Full Version : fx 5600 + 6x.xx : can't work it out :(

07-27-04, 05:44 PM
here is my quick config:

win xp pro sp1 + all updates inc. dx 9.0c
msi fx 5600 vtdr (vivo)
i875P P4 2.4C

after i upgraded my forceware to official 61.76 (and today 61.77) from previous official 56.72, i had serious issue with both that impossible to use those new drivers.

my issue is that whenever i ran a 3d app like 3dmark (with 61.76 & 61.77), the picture on the monitor starts to shake and blink and after a while it goes blank; without restart windows i can't go back to normal. (@ the moment while shaking the monitors osd says refresh rate is 99 Hz !)

my default res and refresh rate is 1024x768 @ 100 Hz and changing the res. and refresh rate does not fix this issue, including overriding settings.

because i can't use these latest babies, i go back the 56.72.

so anybody has any idea how can i fix my problem ?

thanx for your answers :)

07-27-04, 06:52 PM
Did you use Driver Cleaner 3 when you switched drivers? Sounds like a conflict somewhere. It should work as I believe the 5600 is listed as being supported with the Nvidia drivers.

07-28-04, 03:13 AM
Yep before upgrading, first i ran uninstaller then reboot and ran Driver Cleaner 3 and reboot again, finally i installed the new driver.

i also manually searched the nv files to be sure about if they really gone; well Driver Cleaner did what it supposed to do, cause i couldn't find anything from previous driver (56.72)...

i dont understand this, until now i can use all the dets and forcewares without any problem :(

07-28-04, 10:56 AM
Im currently running StarStorm 56.72XQ drivers as I have had problems with the 60 series FW myself (although haven't tried the newest ones). Im waiting till more stable drivers come out or new StarStorm's are released.

Do you have DirectX 9.0c installed? Maybe thats necessary for the 60 series to work ok. I still am using Direct X 9.0b.