View Full Version : Problem with the nvidia demos (5700U)

07-27-04, 07:28 PM
Well I got a Gainward 5700 Ultra golden sample yesterday and it's working just fine, exept for the fact that most of the Geforce FX demos have the same bug, the shadows are all screwed up. In Last chance gas the shadows look like they're made of 8 bit color and are very blocky. In the time machine demo the lamp in the celing makes the shadow under the car disappear and the light from it has blocks in it, and finally in the Ogre demo the shadows are misplaced, they're on the other side of the room instead of under the characters.
Note that this is the only bug I've witnessed so far, and I haven't tried the 56,72 drivers yet (running with 61.76 now).

07-28-04, 09:08 PM
I'm surprised you got Last chance gas to do anything with that card, I tried it a couple times with my old 5700U and I just got a glimpse of scenery before it went black. I could hear the wind though. The other demos were fine though and it would even handle Dusk pretty well. I remember trying Dusk on a 5200U - total slideshow but no corruption at least. I think the last driver version I had with the 5700U was 56.72.

08-01-04, 08:57 PM
I have 768 megs of ram, so Last chance gas actually runs pretty well! (running 515mhz core, and 1000mhz memory too!)
I've tried the 56.72 drivers and they run all demos exept last chance gas really well (faster even) when compared to the buggy experience that is 61.76/7.
Too bad the 61.whatever drivers run better in pretty much all the games I play. But I want to be able to show off my new card with some fancy pants demos! :retard:

08-06-04, 03:58 PM
So could anyone with a Geforce FX and 61.76/7 try Time machine or Ogre and see if they look like they should?