View Full Version : Farcry 1.2, Forceware 62.20, Dual-View and water corruption

07-27-04, 09:47 PM
I don't see any threads about this, so I figure I'd just type up my experience in the rare chance it'll help someone else.

To put it short, in Dual-View, you have two display adapters sort of. One is called NVIDIA Geforce whatever (In my case 6800 GT) and the other is called NVIDIA Dual View. One adapter for each monitor. Now I have one good monitor, and one bad monitor. Naturally I like to use my good one for gaming, and the other for random crap like extra desktop space, IM, etc. Well...if your gaming monitor is the Dual-View adapter, you get horrible, painful water corruption in Far Cry 1.2, with the 62.20 drivers. Probably in other versions with other drivers as well, but it nailed me bad with those versions in particular as when I upgraded my drivers, it switched which adapter controlled which monitor on me.

Changing to horizontal span fixes this. This was not an option for me as I just prefer the feel of Dual-View and like having my primary display on the right. So, to do fix this, you have to unplug the monitor which is your main one (NVIDIA 6800 GT in my case), restart, let windows find just the first monitor. Then you switch over to Dual-View again, involving another restart, and viola, that monitor you had left plugged in will be the new main monitor (NVIDIA 6800) and the other will be the Dual-View monitor. I was able to find no other way to make them switch in this regard.

For me at least, this fixed my water corruption. Wish it didn't involve so many restarts. And you don't wanna know how many other solutions I tried first. I think I restarted my computer about 20x today. :retard: