View Full Version : Rallisport + 61.77 + 3dAnalyze crash

07-28-04, 06:10 AM
The stuttering issue with some of the forceware drivers has been well documented on these forums, however the issue I have with rallisport is only when the sun is in view. This causes the game to drop to 2fps until you turn away from the sun.

Anyway I thought i'd try 3danalyze to help (enable stutter fix) but this makes the game crash while loading the tracks i.e. i am unable to play it AT ALL.

Any ideas?

PNY 6800GT
intel p4 3.2 w/ i865pe mobo
1 gig corsair
winxp + sp1 + dx9c
previous card 9800pro

07-28-04, 07:45 AM
Here works perfect. No Lockups or Stutterings. Please select Stuttering-Fix PERFORMANCE!

07-28-04, 09:22 AM
Tried that to no avail. Will try using driver cleaner to cleanse my system of rogue ati software.

07-28-04, 09:23 AM
Same thing here - can use older drivers or disable lens flare in the advanced options for now.