View Full Version : Getting The Horde to work

07-28-04, 12:23 PM
Anyone able to give me some tips to get The Horde to run in Windows XP.
Wasn't sure weither to post this here or the open forum since it is gaming related, but there are quite a few knowledgeable people here so I thought I may be able to get some assistance, since no one anywhere else seems to have the slightest clue. Actual information on this game on the web is almost non-existant. Crystal Dynamics also no longer lists it as a product and instead just redirects to the EA web page.

I install the game fine but when it tries to start DOS4GW it doesn't go past that. I have installed VDMS to get sound working in older games, and up to this point it has helped me with most other games. I have also tried to set up a MSDOS system in Virtual PC to run the game with but it still wont load.
This is one of my all time favorite games, but I don't want to have to resort to buying an old 486 machine from Ebay just to be able to get it to run.