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07-28-04, 02:43 PM

I just got my evga GF6800 in the mail and plugged it into my system replcaing my radeon 9800np. As soon as i placed it in and started up i saw really really sevear artifacting on my screen. Even the post screen had severe artifacting. To the point where allot of characters were garbled or missing altoghether in the BIOS screen. I then proceeded to boot into windows and miraculouslly it came up, i tried to install the drivers but the card was not recognised by windows, i also had severe discoloration and artifacting here. The computer then crashed and i went and reinstalled my 9800np and came back up to try and find out if this is a unique bad card or if i am doing somthing wrong.

I have setup the card as it should be, plugged in and the extra power cord plugged in like i had in the 9800np. At this point it looks almost how a card would look if it had a bad bios installed or was severlly over clocked, but i have done nothing to it besides bring it out of the box and plugged it in. Also note that i have a pretty high end power supply, as a test i unplugged all components and had only the GF6800 plugged in to the power connectors and had the exact same issues.

Here are my system specs:

AthlonXP 2500+
A7N8x Delux - nforce 2 motherboard
2x512mb OcSystems CL2 Ram
Geforce6800 or radeon 9800
WDJB80 harddisk
Power Supply - ThermalTake PurePower HPC-420

Please advise, at this point i am thinking that i have to do an RMA and hope that it was a defective unit, which it most liklly was.

07-28-04, 02:49 PM
Well, I'm pretty sure that if you plugged it in right, and power was not an issue, then an RMA is the only thing you can do. That sucks man.

07-28-04, 02:52 PM
I installed a 6800GT last night and it is running silky smooth. If you are getting video corruption before you even install drivers (corruption at POST screen) you most likey have a defective card. Try installing it into another PC (if possible) or try a dedicated molex. If you still see corruption then RMA it.

Good Luck

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07-28-04, 04:52 PM
:lol2: Oh man, now that is funny. :D :rofl ...or at least it really hit me as hilarious just now. :D

07-28-04, 04:57 PM
Sorry to say the card is most likely defective , my first 9800 Pro had the exact same symptoms,I RMA'd it and the new 9800pro worked fine :|

07-28-04, 05:47 PM
Copy cat ;)

07-28-04, 09:14 PM

Hehe, i saw that on another thread. It was funny when i FIRST saw it.



Anyhoo, i checked the GF6800 on another machine, via chipset, same results. Artifacts, discoloration and garbled text. time for an RMA, i just hope i get it all back before August 3rd!! I don't want to miss out on doom 3.