View Full Version : New BV patch broke with new drivers and 9.0c?

07-28-04, 05:26 PM
I just downloaded the new Battlefield Vietnam patch ver 1.1 and now BV won't start. I'm assuming EA wouldn't release a patch they haven't tested; so I'm thinking that either the new 61.77 drivers or Direct 9.0c is causing it since it was working a couple of days ago and those are the only things that have changed on my system. Anyone else seeing problems after applying the new patch?

07-28-04, 06:36 PM
It might be worthwile to try the "Allow All Refresh Rates" modification to the Video Default.CON file.
Here are the instructions:
What follows is from the EA support site. Go to: My computer, then C drive, then Program Files, EA GAMES, Battlefield Vietnam, Mods, bfVN, then the Settings folder. In that folder you will see a file called VideoDefault.con. You will want to double click this file to open it. If it asks you what Program to use (in Windows XP you will first want to choose "Display a list of programs for me to choose from), choose Notepad or Wordpad. In there you will see a line with this command:
renderer.allowAllRefreshRates 0
Change the 0 to a 1 and then Save the file. This will allow refresh rates above 60 Hz in the game.
This will enable a different refresh rate for every resolution in the in-game menu.

07-28-04, 06:44 PM
Damn I just got the patch and now I get an error upon starting also. Will try the refresh fix even though i had it on with the last patch.

Edit: Yep that was it thanks :) The new patch also got rid of a setting I had typed into the default.con file. It was something like sounbuffersize=400 or something. Dammit now i gotta go find that again.

Edit 2 Ok I found the setting Game.SoundBufferSize 400 It deleted it from my default.con I put it back in and now in the con it says this...

rem *** for BC
rem Game.GameLevelPath BFVietnam/Levels/Operation_Irving/

Game.useMenu 1
Game.useHud 1
Game.menuMain BattlefieldMenu
Game.menuInGame InGame
Game.menuMap Map
Game.DebugCallbackDisabled 0
Game.SoundBufferSize 400

run AliasedCommands.con

softRun ../../../Tools/Editors/Editors.con

Now before it didn't have the rem infront of the second line I wonder why it does now. Can someone check and see if their default.con file says the same thing?

07-28-04, 07:32 PM
Thanks quik_2_win that was my problem as well. That is the second time a patch has got me like that, stupid me. :retard: I don't understand why they don't allow all refresh rates by default.

07-28-04, 08:22 PM
No problems here with the latest drivers, dx9.0c and bfv. Im playing it at High detail, 1,024x768x32, overrided refresh rate in driver to max for my monitor, 85hz. I have not tweaked the config at all. No problems to report.

Edit: I have my quality settings at High quality, 2xAA and 2xAF.

07-28-04, 09:01 PM
I am playing at 1280x1024 high quality no aa or af. eax 3 enabled. I think the eax3 is what is causing some lag like problems online maybe I'll switch it back to 2d miles audio.

07-29-04, 04:06 PM
i have installed right yesterday BV and after patched the game at version 1.1
i can play at 1280 x 1024 whit 4xaa and 8xaf whitout any problem and running very very smoothly.

i also have removed my audigy player and activated Soundmax Cadenza AC97 come whit my mobo, because whit audigy the audio was terrible and crappy, also whit the newest drivers.

(creative suggest me of downgrade the hardware accelleration of my 6800 Ultra.... hahahaah ) it's very crazy, :banghead: i don't have buy this card for ruduce performance but for increase it.