View Full Version : Stores in NY that sales 6800 GT

07-29-04, 02:10 PM
well since i didnt think it fits to any other section i posted it here.
anyway, im going on a trip to NY next week and im planning to buy BFG 6800 GT card, my problem is that i dont realy know where to look for it in NY and where there are good prices.
So if anyone knows about good stores in NY that have this Card in stock and in good price ill be thankfull to him.

07-29-04, 03:48 PM
Best places in NY that may have it for the listed price are CompUSA, BestBuy Circuit City and even EBgames or GameStop. If in in Manhattan all are pretty much close to Times Sqaure. And enjoy NY. :)

07-29-04, 05:46 PM
thanks alot for your help m8 ill look for these stores hopefuly to find some nice GT that needs a warm house :)

Edit: i think bestbuy is the best choice but damn BFG's card is sold out! hope they renew the stock by the time ill be there.

07-30-04, 04:08 PM
Cpmusa only has regular 6800's. Gamestop doesn't sell video carda anymore, some older, budget models, but nothing new. EB might, but you should call in ahead of the time to check if they have them in stock. Bestbuy MIGHT have GTs in stock, once again easy to check online. CircuitCity might as well.

07-31-04, 04:59 PM
i just hope that Bestbuy will have the BFG GT in stock by the time ill be there.

08-02-04, 09:42 PM
I'm currently in NY, AND shopping for a new vid card... if I see anything I'll tell you.

08-02-04, 10:01 PM
Your best bet is CompUSA on 5th and 37th, or Broadway & 57th I think. And don't take their word for it if they tell you right away it's not in stock, tell them lazy bastards to go check in the back.