View Full Version : Anyone else have a problem in IL2 with a 6800 and DX9.0c?

07-30-04, 05:22 PM
Just wondering, I had a 5900XT before (well, see sig) running the last WHQLs - 61.76 on DX 9.0b. Well, stupid me, I decided to update everything at once.

Now, I'm on a 6800nu, 61.77s and DX 9.0c.....and IL2 runs like CRAP. I don't think the problem is with the drivers or DX, and 3dMark03 runs fine (not impressively so, but not back. Score just under 9k with no overclocking or tweaking yet.)

07-31-04, 10:29 AM
Runs fine for me...what settings are you running at?

07-31-04, 01:57 PM
I have a 6800GT running 61.76. Can't get the Open GL drivers to run the game crashing every time I try but DX seems to work.

I have sp2 installed as well.

08-01-04, 04:43 AM
IL2 Forgotten battles v2.04 works fine for me except for one graphical glitch. I'm still not sure if this glitch is just a settings thing (such as having clamping).

BFG 6800GT OC stock speeds
61.77 drivers
FB Perfect settings

The best conditions I've found for the Black Death track are;

1600X1200X32 61.77 Quality, Quincux AA, 2XAF, 22KHz, DX acceleration - standard

Frames: 4247 - Time: 151890ms - Avg: 27.961 - Min: 13 - Max: 55

If I lower the resolution to 1280x960x32, changing the audio rate between 44 and 22KHz makes little difference.

1280x960x32 61.77 Quality, Quincux AA, 2XAF, 44KHz, DX acceleration - standard

Frames: 4955 - Time: 152015ms - Avg: 32.595 - Min: 13 - Max: 58

On less demanding maps, at 1600X1200X32 I average about 37 FPS

08-02-04, 05:49 AM
Runs fine for me on my 6800U.