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07-30-04, 05:38 PM
I just wanted to get some opinions on how much of an improvement upgrading your videocard helped in this game, specifically onslaught.

These are my current specs.

P4 2.4B
Soyo 845PE Lite
1 GB running at 333.
9500 Pro.

With this system I get around 100+ in any of the deathmatch maps. But as soon as I try to play Onslaught my framerate hangs around 50 but dips into the 20s when there is a lot of action going on. It really makes the game unplayable. Even turning AA and AF completely off didnt help that much.

So my question is am I too processor limited for this game and a new Vid card is just going to give me higher settings but not improve my minimums fps. Or will I see across the board improvement.

Thanks to all who take the time to reply.

07-30-04, 06:27 PM
you will see much improvement but your processor will hold you back from seeing the true potential of a GT. i run with 4x aa and 16x af enabled with 0 lag runs great.

07-30-04, 06:56 PM
CPU seems to play a big factor on the ONS levels.
A few months ago i went from an Athlon 2000 w/768meg of ram @ 333 to an Athlon 3200 (2500@2.2Ghz) w/1Gig of ram @ 400. Back then i still had a GeForce4 Ti 4200 4xAGP @ 300/500. The cpu/mobo/ram upgrade alone made a lot of difference.

A good way to check for cpu bottleneck is to turn all UT2004 settings to the lowest, turn off all the special effects (projectors etc) and run ONS @ 640x480 with say 9 bots and then see what the difference is in fps compared to when you play it with all the settings normal or high. If there is hardly any improvement in fps when at the lowest settings then its safe to say that your cpu is holding you back. You could also do the same but use a bot demo for the testing.

I just ran a few tests and for me (rig in sig) on ONS Aridoom @

nVidia driver set to quality,
Forced Trilinear,
AF Optimisations off,
Tri Linear Optimisations on,
V-Sync Off,
All UT2004 settings at maximum.
Offline with 9 bots

Lowest fps viewed while playing - 48
Average fps viewed while playing - 70 to 80

and then

nVidia driver set to high performance,
AA off,
AF off,
Forced Bi Llinear,
V-Sync Off,
All UT2004 settings at minimum.
Offline with 9 bots

Average fps between 85 - 100

As you can see not a huge leap up in fps.

Max fps was well over 140 on both tests but as allways it depends what action is on screen and what scenery you are looking at.

So to cut to the chase,
if you want more fps in ONS get a faster cpu (and mobo, lots of fast ram etc) and if you want eye candy with very little performance hit get a 6800/X800 class card, and if you want eye candy and fps get both :D

07-30-04, 10:51 PM
Thanks for the replies,


Yeah I tried lowering the res down to 800x600 with no aa or af and all in game settings to normal. The only advanced option I turned off was shadows. I did get an increase of about 10 fps but man was it ugly and still not great. I cant beleive that my 9500pro could already be hitting a limit at 1024x768. I've thought about overclocking my 2.4b up to 3.0 ghz.

Do you know of any ingame settings that for a fact will increase my FPS? I've read some of the tweak guides and I didnt see anything in there that was making a big difference.

Thanks again for taking the time to run those tests.

07-30-04, 11:15 PM
I have a P4 2.6 and a BFG 6800GT and sometimes my frames drop below 30 on some onslaught levels.

07-30-04, 11:21 PM
guy same thing i want to if that will holding back my future gt!!

spec :
p4p800 dlx
p4 3.0ghz c
2x256 ocz el pc 3200
2x256 corsair xms pc 3200 at 2-2-3-6
power suplie aerocoll 550w!!!

do the my future gt in ut2004 will do the job???

07-31-04, 12:12 AM
What does it take to get 60 FPS solid in onslaught, Big Blue. I mean give me a break the graphics in this game are nice but it wasnt like I was floored the first time I saw it. The physics are ok but nothing special either. I guess I'm just sour grapes because I really like this game mode but it gets so frustrating trying to hit somebody when your down in the 20s.

Azzkikr 1337,

I was afraid someone was going to tell me what you just did. Its got me really rethinking a new vidcard purchase. For what they cost I could get a AMD 3200+ new motherboard and a stick of ram.