View Full Version : FS: A64-3200. Mobo and Ram combo

07-30-04, 06:56 PM
I've got a retail A64-3200 Clawhammer (1mb Cache), a Gigabyt K8N-Pro and a 512mb stick of Hyper-X 3500 for sale. The Hyper-X will do 239 at CAS 2-3-3 with 2.8 volts all day long with no stability issues. I was never able to push the voltage any further so I have no clue what it will do beyond that. The 3200 will do about 2250 (225x10) at 1.55 volts. The K8N-Pro requires a volt mod to go beyons that so again, I never pushed it. Additionally, I have an all Copper Zalman (CU 7000?) HSF combo that I will include. This setup would be about $475 on Newegg at the moment and I will let the whole rig go for $375 SHIPPED anywhere in the US.

I guarantee all items to be 100% working condition. I will not ship first in this situation. I have about 14 evals from Heatware under Warden and they are all positive. I will provide my phone number, address, work number, etc.. to anyone that I deal with for safety sake.

If I decided to break this up I would be looking at $175 for the CPU, $70 for the Mobo, $130 for the ram and $30 for the HSF.


07-30-04, 10:34 PM